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Brazil govt seizes iPhones from Apple stores for lack of chargers

Apple and Brazil are fighting once more.

A few months ago, the Brazilian justice department issued an order prohibiting the sale of iPhones without power adapters. A Brazilian court determined that the absence of a power adapter when purchasing an iPhone could be detrimental to consumers. Brazil also punished the corporation millions of dollars, but Apple did not comply with the ruling.

Gizmochina reported that this time, the Federal District-based consumer protection regulator seized iPhones from retail stores. According to the report, the Procon-DF group seized hundreds of Apple iPhones from various Brasilia, Brazil, retail stores.

He stated that the confiscation was part of Operation Discharge, which was designed to put pressure on Apple for failing to comply with a law requiring chargers to be included in the box when purchasing a phone. The Brazilian government seized merchandise from approved Carrier and Apple dealers.

Beginning with the announcement of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple has ceased including chargers in phone packaging, and the newly released iPhone 11 series will no longer include chargers in retail packaging. Under Brazilian law, it is illegal to sell mobile phones without a charger because it harms consumers. Apple’s Brazilian business has petitioned the government to allow iPhone sales in the country while it appeals the court’s latest decision.

Although the company is confident it will prevail in court, the newly introduced Apple TV 4K box in Brazil includes a USB-C charger for which no explanation has been provided.

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