Other Driving Infractions Besides Not Having Auto Insurance

The majority of people are aware that it is illegal to drive without car insurance. They are also aware that using a handheld device for talking or texting while driving is prohibited. Furthermore, it is well known that driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is illegal. Of course, the list keeps going.

However, there are some driving behaviors that are less common.

The insurance industry brings you 13 things that drivers need to be aware of. Many of these could lead to an expensive ticket and possibly a significant increase in your auto insurance costs.

Driving Caution

Did you realize?

• It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle while fatigued in states like New Jersey, Arkansas, and others.

• Drivers cannot travel slowly in the right passing lane in many US states.

• Driving with headphones on is prohibited in some states in the United States.

• You are only allowed to drive your golf cart on the golf course or on your private property unless you install the headlights, tuning signals, and other add-ons required by state law for city driving.

• Even though it might suggest pure talent, it’s against the law to operate a vehicle while watching a DVD.

• If you have been stopped by a traffic law enforcement officer, don’t attempt to exit your car until you are told to. The policeman might handcuff you for this unlawful behavior.

• Driving a car without a bumper is prohibited in the majority of American states (and using the collision as an excuse does not help, even if you say you are just going to the auto body shop!

• Anyone who drives with a dog, cat, or other kind of pet inside without a restraint is subject to a traffic ticket.

• The well-known “Move Over” law, which forbids passing an emergency vehicle while requiring drivers to veer out of its way, has been adopted by many American states.

• It is against the law in many states to leave your turn signal on when you are not making a turn, which can be very dangerous for forgetful people who don’t realize that it might still be on after the turn!
• High beams are designed to help drivers see better in low-traffic country roads. You risk receiving a ticket if you wear them while there is traffic because you will impair other drivers’ vision.

• It’s against the law to use cosmetics or engage in any other act of personal grooming while operating a vehicle.

• Drivers who blast loud music from inside their vehicles may be fined.

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