A first prize whale graveyard photo by an underwater photographer

Photographer Wins First Prize In Scuba Diving’s 2018 Underwater Photography Competition. Swedish photographer Alex Dawson wins first prize with a stunning photograph of a whale tank in Greenland, Denmark. He posted a few photos of the whale shark he took on his Twitter account.

“I’m very proud that Scuba Diving Magazine has chosen my photo as the 2018 Photo Award for the Wide Scenes category.”. The other photo was also awarded with a certificate of honor. Also wrote the phrase “I’m so grateful for the first meeting”.

A photo he posted shows Dawson and his friend Anna von Botisa buried under a six-foot iceberg in Tasiilaq Bay. Dawson had to swim through nearly 300 dead whales to capture the first prize photo. Usually you need a submarine to see whale bones. But Dawson says submarines don’t need in Greenland because there are whale bones only 30 to 100 feet below the surface.

Dawson had to dive under the ice for over an hour to get this photo. The only entrance is through a small human-sized hole in the ice. Ellis Dawson, such an exhausting adventure to take this photo to win first place was worth it!