85 years old man who participated in skydiving competition

A man from Bosnia proves that age is just a number once again. He’s 18 and still strong enough to sky dive. He is Ibrahim Kalaxy and has been active in sports since last (60) years.

Last week, he finished his 4th time in a skydiving competition in Bosnia.. He was enjoying the sky dive. The reason for skydiving like this is because of regular exercise for (15) minutes a day and his wife takes care of the food.
Ibrahim was trained in an aviation center in Serbia when he was young. He later became a self-taught skydiving instructor.

In 2014, he set a Yugoslavian record by skydiving from an airplane at a height of 40 feet. He is the oldest skydiver in Europe. Ibrahim says he wants to make Guinness record as a Bosnian skydiver for another 5 years.

Ibrahim also skydived 5 times in five days in a competition in Prijedor last month. Prijedor Areoclub will rent him an umbrella as long as he has an official medical certificate. Ibrahim’s biggest wish was to have an umbrella to use in training young skydivers and also to have his own umbrella. He said, “I am a pensioner who is not rich enough to buy an umbrella.” I would love to have an umbrella to train my students. Later they will be competing in skydiving competitions instead of me.

This is what Abraham say about skydiving. “Skydiving is an intense sport and requires concentration.” To be able to concentrate well, one must sleep well. To sleep well, you can sleep well and jump skydiving without nightmares, when you have a determined mind that you don’t have to harm anyone.”