The child who was happy to see Kate Middleton and Prince William

Prince William and Kate Middleton made their first visit to Wales on September 16 after receiving their new titles as Prince and Princess of Wales. A sweet little child was happy to see them during the trip. The baby is Theo Cranton, 9 years old.

Prince William and Princess of Wales Kate were visiting RNLI Station and Theo Christon gave them a bouquet of flowers.. They just sat down and said goodbye to Theo. Theo had the opportunity to meet Prince William for the first time before meeting locals and staff in Holyhead.

Prince William and Kate also visited the North of Wales and then a visit to the coastal town of Swansea in South West Wales. They were all over the country all day. They, as the Prince and Princess of Wales, have promised to visit the public of Wales, to meet the people of Wales. Days after the Queen’s death, William spoke to Welsh Minister Mark Drayford by phone.

Prince William and Kate made their last visit to Cardiff Castle in June where they rehearsed for the Platinum Jewel concert in Wales before becoming the Prince and Princess of Wales. William made the official visit on September 22 after news broke out that he had no plans to hold a ceremony to officially accept the new position.