Makuban’s online pharmacy that has been beneficial to the patients

American billionaire McCuban is a man who has been in business since the age of 10. That time I was wanting to buy an expensive basketball shoe. His parents are working class so he can’t afford it. So Cuba don’t ask for money from parents. He makes his own money. He bought the shoes with the profit from selling garbage bags.

Finally making money selling stamps and bookbags. Went to college and chose Kelly Business School instead of looking inside campus. Because Kelly Business has the lowest cost of tuition in the list of the top 10 business schools.

He is an entrepreneur. Owner of Dallas Mavericks Basketball by doing media and entertainment. I also invest in start-ups. He also tried to fill in some gaps in society as he saw the economic map. His favorite thing about doing is opening an online store. It has been very beneficial for the patients.

He thinks that if generic drugs are sold cheaply by overcoming the barricades in drug manufacturing, distribution and selling, will save lives.

Typically, the pharmaceutical industry produces a profit of 5 times (75%) than the original price, but McKuban is selling the same drugs at a profit of only 45%.

Imatinib, a leukemia drug, which usually costs around $30,000 at retail, would cost about $27,000 at McCuban’s online pharmacy.