Actress Park Min Young reportedly dating a very rich company boss

Korean actress Park Min Young is reportedly dating a wealthy company boss. Some media reports that the person who is dating Park Min Young is a very rich man “Mr. Kan”.

According to the news media, Pamin Yung is currently dating a very rich Mr Kan. Mr. Kan is the owner of Bittumb, South Korea’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange. Pamingyoung was spotted dating at Mr.Kan’s house. In addition, Hannam The Hill condominium housing was often seen going to work from Mr. Lake’s villa.

Dispatch News was the source of the news. Dispatch News reports that Pam Min Young is dating Bithumb’s CEO Kang Jong-hyun. It is said that Kang Jong-hyun has been stalking since the last 2 months. Dispatch didn’t specify how long they’ve been dating.

Pam Min Young’s agency Hook Entertainment responded to the news on September 16. “We are working to verify information.” Pam Min Yaung is currently filming for tvN’s drama “Love In Contract”. This is why our fact verification is delayed. We request for your understanding as the official statement could not be released quickly.

Actress Park Min Young is a famous actress and she is known for her series that became popular among fans like City Hunter, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. The new series “Love In Contract” in which he is currently starring is also airing from September 1.