Mother and daughter participated together as firefighters in extinguishing wildfire

When a girl started as a firefighter, she was surprised to find out her mother was fighting a bushfire with her earlier this month. Katie Jo Binitz, a high school graduate in 2013 is one of the newest Yakima Fire Department trainees..

Her mother, Captain Bonnie Rogers, who became the first female firefighter at her department in 1962, wanted to join the male-owned fire department. Katie said she is a role model for other girls interested in the field just as her mother was for her.

Katie’s decision to join the fire department came as no surprise to her mother. Because her mom knows Katie wants to be in the fire department. Katie’s mother and son finally met at the fire station for the first time in August. He met his mom Bonnie when she called in to help with the Cow Canyon wildfire.

Back in the day, their mother and son didn’t get along when they put out a fire. This time, their mother and son met unexpectedly and had the chance to put out a fire together. Bonnie was working as a safety officer and was assigned to another fire. At that time I came to ask for help with the Cow Canyon wildfire. While inspecting the burn area, he heard a familiar laugh and immediately knew it was his daughter Katie.

Katie and Bonnie got a photo together after they met each other. Since then, it has been mentioned in many news outlets that the mother and son had been reunited. Katie and Bonnie’s mother hopes this will inspire women to become firefighters.