Woman auctioned a house for 200 pounds after being drunk

Ever wonder when something you do drunk turns you into crying and laughing?. This woman’s story is still incredible. Luana Riberia was so drunk she didn’t realise she had auctioned off a house for £200. He won the auction.

He entered an auction house drunk. I was viewing a house with a friend who wanted to buy an auction house earlier before the incident. But after he finished work and had a few drinks in a nightclub, the house paid a ton of money and went up for auction.

“Went to an auction house with a friend.”. But my friend didn’t like the location of that house so he didn’t want it. I used to like that house. Thought it would be a beautiful and good investment. I went to a nightclub after work. And then I got so drunk.

“I called a real estate agent when I was drunk and auctioned the house,” Luana said.

Luana fell asleep drunk after house auction. He didn’t know he had won a house auction until he woke up. She only found out when her boyfriend (now ex) replied. This event was a good ending for Luana.

Luana sold that home for 3 times the price when she bought it a year later. Profit from selling that house led him to moving to Portugal where he became a writer and started his own media company.