10 year old youngest iOS App Developer received email from Apple CEO

To get an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook would be a dream come true for many tech enthusiasts around the world. That dream came true for a 17 year old girl who became the youngest iOS app developer.

Apple CEO Tim Cook praised Hana Muhammad Rafi, a 75-year-old Indian currently living in Dubai for developing an iOS app for iPhones. Hannah sent Tim Cook her first letter. In the letter, Hannah said that she created a storytelling app “Hanas,” where parents can record stories.

He started writing code at the age of 5, and he seems to be the youngest person in the world to do so. He wrote almost (300) codes for this program. Pre-made in his application. Hannah wrote in the email that she did not use any software, files, and code.

Following that email, Tim Cook emailed Hannah back and congratulated her for being able to do so and achieving at this age. Tim Cook also said that if he keeps trying, incredible things will happen in the future.
Hannah was asleep when she received an email from Tim Cook and her dad saw it first. Hannah was woken up by her father to tell him about this. Every time it takes longer to tell myself to get out of bed. Woke up immediately this time.

The free iOS app created by Hana features stories that children are familiar with. He decided to create the app after he realized that only some parents are free to tell their children stories in this busy life. Hannah was 9 years old when the app was created.

Hannah asserted that she created the storytelling app for parents to use the app to record stories for their children. Hannah is looking forward to working for Tim Cook one day!.

Hannah’s sister, 14 years old Lena Fathima is also a teacher for her because she can write code.

Hannah and Lina’s two sisters are parent-inspired and self-taught code writers. Lena used to create Lehanas website that teaches kids about words, colors and animals. Lena is looking forward to study in the United States. The goal of the two sisters is to uplift the community and make people happy.