Apple announced that some iPhone 14 will be made in India

Apple has announced that it will make some iPhone 14 production in India. Although Apple is producing most of its phones in China, it has been trying to move some manufacturers from China due to the rise in Taiwan affairs and trade affairs between the US and China. Well, it’s a good thing to do.

China’s COVID-19 free policies have caused many sanctions and major delays in businesses during the pandemic.
The Taiwan-based Foxconn company, which produces many Apple phones, has started manufacturing operations in the Indian southern state of Tamil Nadu since 2012. Some of Apple’s old-fashioned handsets were also manufactured in Tamil Nadu.

Apple’s announcement that some iPhone 14 manufacturing will be made in India is also a victory for Prime Minister Narandra Modi’s government. Modi government launched the ‘Make in India’ campaign 5 years ago with an aim to boost India’s productivity and export volume.

JP Morgan Investment Bank researchers predicted earlier this month that Apple could move 80 per cent of its manufacturing sector to India. The report predicts that there will be 1,500 iPhone manufacturing in India by 2020.
Last year Foxconn, one of Apple’s accessories manufacturing companies, made US dollars in Vietnam. Investments worth $22 billion have been made. Foxconn signed a deal worth $70 million last month to expand its factory in the north of the country to increase production in Vietnam, Vietnam-owned media. Yer said it all out.