China’s Foxconn factory employees protest delayed bonus payments

Foxconn factory employees in China erupted in rage after learning that their bonuses would be delayed.

A video of Foxconn factory workers protesting violently outside the Xizhou factory has gone viral on social media after China’s Xizhou Foxconn factory notified workers that bonus payments had been delayed. In the video, a group of police in protective gear and wielding batons causes problems for the workers.

Outside the factory of Foxconn Technology Group, one of the world’s largest iPhone assembly plants, workers are demonstrating. According to a report by The Verge, the protest became violent after police and factory workers clashed. In addition, he stated that some of the workers demonstrating outside the factory are in isolation due to COVID.


To prevent infection in the city, the business required these individuals to remain and work in the factory. The city of Xizhou is currently under lockdown to prevent the spread of covid. According to Bloomberg, the factory workers are also protesting due to a lack of food and shelter.

“They modified the agreement. I have not received the promised support. They separated us. No food is supplied. If our demands are not met, we will continue to fight,” a Foxconn employee told the BBC.

During the conflict with police, he witnessed a person being severely beaten, according to his account. Foxconn also confirmed the protest procedure due to the delay in bonus payment and stated that it will act in accordance with the terms of the contract. Apple has made no statement regarding this incident.