Cristiano Ronaldo debuted his own NFT Collection called CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s most recognized Portuguese soccer player, and Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, have announced an NFT collection.

Ronaldo and Binance announced a long-term relationship and Ronaldo’s first new NFT Collection one day before the World Cup kicked off in Qatar. Binance and Ronaldo’s NFT collection is dubbed the CR7 NFT Collection, and it will be available exclusively on Binance’s NFT marketplace. The CR7 NFT Collection includes seven NFTs that highlight the most legendary moments in Ronaldo’s career. The level of rarity is Super Super Rare (SSR). It is designed in four stages: SUPER RARE (SR), RARE (R), and NORMAL (N) (N).

It will feature a personal note from Ronaldo as well as an autographed item at the Rarity level. Binance is also giving away a CR7 Mystery Box to the first 1.5 million people who register as new users. Each shipment will include a stone-colored mystery box and one of two Ronaldo NFTs, and we’re told to redeem the gift using the code RONALDO.

Binance has 5 SSRs in addition to the CR7 NFT Collection. There is also a 24-hour auction on the NFT Marketplace for the top 45 SR 40 NFTs. The auction bidding cost is also set to begin at BUSD 10,000 for SSR and BUSD 1,700 for SR. The remaining 6,600 NFTs will be divided into 600 R grade NFTs and 6,000 N grade NFTs, with prices starting at BUSD 77. BUSD is a stablecoin that is tied to the US dollar.

Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Hei Yi said of being able to do a marketing campaign with a 5-time Ballon d’Or-winning soccer star, “We are honored to work with Cristiano to help people understand blockchain better, and to showcase the company’s Web3 Infrastructure construction for the sports and entertainment sector.”