Sony and Honda electric cars to start shipping in 2026

The first electric car produced by the joint venture of two famous Japanese electronics companies is set to be shipped to the market in early 2026.

Sony and Honda’s first premium electric EVs are set to hit the US market first, and could be released in Japan after 2026. The US market is seen as an opportunity to sell high-end electric cars at a fair price, in line with the added value of the product. The added value of the product will include software and entertainment technology.

Honda’s traditional experience in car manufacturing and Sony’s software. The combination of entertainment and sensor technology expertise will bring innovative new advanced vehicle technology to the world of electric vehicles. Honda and Sony jointly established this electric car company 50/50, also called Sony Honda Mobility (SHM).

SHM will focus on online sales like Tesla, and the first model will have a relatively high price. SHM is working on developing a Level 3 autonomous driving system. Level 3 autonomous driving will allow vehicles to drive themselves in certain situations.

According to Reuters, Sony’s software system will go with a monthly subscription fee for entertainment and other services. The company also plans to provide new in-car entertainment based on Metaverse. SHM President and CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said that the company is ramping up production of its first vehicle.

It is also said that they are planning to accept pre-orders no later than 2025. SMH also believes that the year 2025 will be an important year of change for the transition of vehicles to electric energy systems. Pre-orders and production will begin in 2025 from Honda’s 12 American factories.