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Twitter staffs fired for criticizing Elon Musk

Twitter has fired employees who opposed Twitter’s new owner on the social network.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, is a self-proclaimed believer in free expression and purchased Twitter as a platform for it. Twitter employees who openly criticized his behavior, on the other hand, were fired. Mars is said to have fired employees who corrected his tweets and challenged his leadership in the company’s Slack forums in recent days.

According to Engadget, at least three Twitter employees who were not among the hundreds laid off were fired after criticizing their new boss. After Elon Musk purchased Twitter, half of the company’s workers was laid off. One of those who lost their jobs after criticizing Elonmars, Eric Fraunhofer, said it was wrong to apologize for the massive slowness of the Twitter platform in many of the countries Elonmars visited.

“The Home Timeline is rendered using 1000 Remote Process Calls (a computer application that calls a procedure on a remote server). Please accept my apologies for Twitter’s slowness in many countries “Elonmas sent a tweet.

“I spent six years on Twitter working for Android. “I can tell you that this is incorrect,” Fraunhofer wrote, to which Mas replied, “So please correct me.” What is the true figure?” Fraunhofer also discussed the slowness of the Twitter app, which is full of features that aren’t very useful, and because speed and features have to be prioritized over app performance, it owes years of technological debt. He claimed it was due to a slow network response time.

When pressed for the precise RPC number, Fraunhofer responded, “That’s correct. RPC calls are not made by the app.” According to Fraunhofer, improved app performance is linked to an increase in UAM (User Added Module) and ad usage, and that the number of requests is not the primary issue. After publicly identifying Mas on Twitter, Elon Musk notified Twitter staff that Fraunhofer had been dismissed.

The former Twitter app engineer claimed he was unable to log into his laptop after learning he had been fired by Twitter. “Nobody in the company trusts each other any longer,” he claims.

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