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Augmented Reality is about to be seen on Google Maps

Google has already announced in September that they will use AR technology in their Maps. Now, Los Angeles, London, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Tokyo are the first cities to use AR maps.

What does this system look like? It is in the same form as in Free Guy. If the user looks at the phone and the environment, the relevant roads, The buildings will be visible on the phone with pop-up labels. Guides should also be seen with Live View.


Live View Data collected for years, 360 Street View, It’s another step that combines AI and AR well. If you get lost while going out, take out your phone and point the camera at the surroundings, and it will give you directions. Is it good?

Additional features include charging stations that can be used to charge electric vehicles. Next, there are activities that show special places where people with disabilities can shop. These functions have been available in countries such as the US, UK, and AU for a long time, but now they are released globally. This update will start next week for both Android and It can be used on iOS.

Cherry Xiao
Cherry Xiao
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