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Bad Guy Became A Math Genius After His Mom Taught Him to Use An ABACU

Her son who couldn’t do math in school was taught by his mother using a palm and he became a mathematician. Dr. Rashmi Mantri, a British woman, who was born in India, was also a mathematician in her childhood.

“Daruv began to notice the weakness of simple math when he was in the seventh grade.” He can’t even answer the question “How much does it cost if you subtract 10 out of 10?” Never thought I’d have to teach him to use a fist. But when I was in India, I also used palm to calculate it. It helps a lot. Teaching him to graze using a palm and in just 10 days he noticed improvement,” Mantri said.

School teachers were amazed at Darve’s improvement and parents asked the minister for help in teaching their children.

Drew, who studied cybersecurity online since the age of 10, is now 14 years old and studying data science and analytics. Also, he’s working as an apprentice at leading international beverage company Diageo and during his internship he’ll be doing Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Glasgow Caledonia on a week-on-week basis.

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