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Helicopter Tours of America’s Best Sights

While some people like to spend time catching a tan during their holidays in America, other people like to explore the sights and landmarks of the area. Although discovering from the ground is often just as impressive, exploring it from high in the sky while in a helicopter is an experience you are sure not to forget in a hurry. Here are some of the finest places in the land of the free that look even more amazing from a bird’s eye view.

New York City

Known worldwide as the Big Apple, some see New York City as the ultimate city break destination. With landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the towering Empire State Building, it is understandable that the city has developed such a reputation. Only from the luxury of a helicopter can you see how unique Central Park is, acting as a beautiful sanctuary amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. You can also get a unique bird’s eye view of the city, making out its easily identifiable and revolutionary grid system. The helicopter tour is particularly special when caught at sunset, with the sunrays painting the metropolis in a beautiful orange glow.

Grand Canyon

Easily one of America’s most famous landmarks, the Grand Canyon is a natural gorge spanning some 227 miles across the Arizona expanse. With the depth of the canyon around 1,800 metres in places, it is understandably difficult to explore by foot. In this instance, a helicopter is one of the only ways to discover the Grand Canyon, although it would be a tall order to find a better method! A helicopter tour is the only way to truly comprehend the canyon, allowing you to see mile after mile of dramatic scenery which spans as far as it can into the horizon. You can see the Colorado river as it makes its unorthodox course through the rock, the measure which ultimately carved this beautiful landscape.

Las VegasStrip

Next up we have the Las Vegas Strip, with the spectrum of bright lights depicting the ultimate American dream. While the 4.2 mile stretch doesn’t look particularly special during the day, it’s a completely different matter at night, with everything vividly sparking into life. With sights such as the Bellagio at Caesars Palace, the replica Eiffel Tower and New York New York, it offers an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

These are three of the best landmarks you could discover through a helicopter tour. Why not look into the options today and see what cities and sights you could discover from the air?

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