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How people should avoid excessive consumption of spinach?

Leafy greens always make a place in the healthy meal of the day. Due to their high nutritional content, leafy greens are considered the healthiest vegetables. But just because it’s healthy, according to the term “overweight” doesn’t mean you have to overeat. Excessive consumption of any food can be harmful to your health. Dauk leaf, which is called spinach by Myanmar people, is one of the leaves that should be taken care of. Limiting consumption can provide benefits to your health without damaging it. This leaf can be a universal thing. Salad or fries can be cooked in different ways.

Knowledgeable information about this leaf for readers is what happens if you eat too much and what kind of people should avoid. Before telling about the disadvantages of spinach, I will first tell you the benefits. Being low in calories and loaded with healthy nutrients can benefit your health in so many ways. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, C, Kilo essential minerals and vitamins.. Consuming this leaf regularly in your day reduces the risk of cancer and regulates blood sugar levels. It helps to reduce weight. Increases haemoglobin levels in the blood. It can also help to control diabetes.

What happens if you consume a large amount of spinach? Eating a small bowl of spinach every day is not harmful to health. Consuming large amounts of spinach (spinach) every day will gradually affect your health.

Lack of nutrition
Spinach contains Oxalic acid found naturally in plants. When the amount of these supplements in your body exceeds normal levels, it may begin to affect the body’s ability to absorb other minerals Oxalic acid may block zinc, magnesium, calcium and can cause a lack of minerals.

Leafy green vegetables contain a type of Histamine found in certain cells in the body that prompts allergies in certain conditions.

Consuming large quantities of spinach at a time (or a certain amount) can cause poisoning to your body.

Stomach problem
Spinach leaves (spinach) have high fiber content, if consumed excessively, it can cause stomach problems such as asthma and abdominal pain.

What kind of people should be careful about eating
If you’ve ever had diabetes, because you consume a large amount of spinach, it becomes difficult for your body to filter the oxalic acid. As a result, calcium axalite stones have accumulated in the kidney, which increases the possibility of kidney stone formation.

If you suffer from arthritis problems, spinach is rich in oxalic acid and purine dips. These two drops together can cause gout, which is a type of arthritis. Symptoms can be worse for people who have experienced joint pain, swelling, and swelling. For an anemia sufferers, the vitamin-rich spinach may be an anticoagulant drug used to prevent anemia.

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