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Samsung is struggling to make money from iPhone 14

Apple and Samsung do not physically interact but are business partners.

Samsung Display, which leads the OLED industry, is reportedly Apple’s top OLED supplier. Samsung reportedly produces more than 70 percent of the OLED panels required for the latest iPhones manufactured by the American corporation Apple.

Also featured for the iPhone 14 are the basic panels for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, as well as the LTPO display for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. TheElec, a South Korean news outlet, reports that in 2022 Apple expects to build 120 million copies of the newest iPhone 14 series.

For 120 million units, at least 80 million Samsung Panels will be required. We will purchase about 20 million from LG Display and approximately 6 million from the Chinese company BOE. Unknown at present is the manufacturer of the remaining number of panels. Samsung and LG Display reportedly provide panels for all four models of the iPhone 14, although BOE only produces 6.1-inch LTPS OLEDs for the iPhone 14 base model.

More than 60 million of the more than 80 million screens that Samsung Display will create are for the higher-priced iPhone 14 Pro models, which are in greater demand than anticipated. As LG Display is now experiencing production issues, there is a chance that Samsung Display will increase its manufacturing share.

The iPhone 14s, which utilizes Chinese BOE panels, did not sell well, and because they changed the circuit design without informing Apple beforehand, there were concerns regarding a contract review.

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