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The Tides of Memory by Sidney Sheldon: A Critical Analysis of the Book


I had the blues due to the cold, chilly weather. I was despondent and unsure of what to do. Then it occurred to me why not choose one of my favorite activities? And that involves reviewing the novel by my favorite author, Sidney Sheldon, and composing a review of it. I review one of his great works, “The Tides of Memory,” in this article.

About the Author

In the plot, an enigmatic, domineering lady by the name of Alexia De Vere becomes the Home Secretary in London and delights in great victories. She has a painful past, but now is not the time to bring it up. Alexia has reached the pinnacle of her career, and she is ecstatic about it. As time passes, her husband begins to plan a party to commemorate 300 years of De Vere’s history at their exquisite residence. The event is open to Alexia and De Vere’s friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

On the day of the party, their son Michael is involved in a terrible accident and enters a coma. As De Vere’s family mourns the loss of his son, the party is naturally canceled. Their daughter Roxie is confined to a wheelchair as a result of an earlier attempt at suicide.

Michael’s accident, Roxie’s suicide attempt, the cold war between Roxie and her mother Alexia, Alexia’s husband De Vere, Roxie’s close friend Lucy in the United States, and her painful past are all superbly interconnected to account for the story’s mysteries.

Due to their errors, the De Veres are on the verge of losing everything, including their luminous properties and wealth. How far would they each go to hide the truth?

This is the work of Sidney Sheldon’s masterful storytelling.

Regarding the Authors

Sidney Sheldon is the author of best-selling novels, television scripts, major motion pictures, and Broadway plays, making him one of the greatest storytellers in the world. Each of his renowned works has reached the top spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

His best-selling novels include “The Best Laid Plans,” “Morning, Noon, and Night,” “Nothing Lasts Forever,” “Memories of Midnight,” and “Sands of Time,” among others. The New York Times hailed “The Naked Face” as the best first mystery novel of the year and awarded him the Edgar Award for it.

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