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What is the purpose of a Hermit Crab Aquarium?

Hermit crabs are really a friendly pet to have in your house, but it is necessary that you provide them an appropriate habitat so that they stay happy in it. When acquiring crabs as a pet, the aquarium will be the place where he is going to spend his remaining life. So, it is essential for you to stay aware of the fact that hermits are naturally expert escape artist.

Hermit crabs are a wonderful pet to have because it is friendly, odor-free, clean and intelligent as well. They can be housed in an aquarium of 10 gallon quantity containing 3-4 inches of sand. Usually, two shallow dishes will be required containing water, one containing de-chlorinated water and the other salt water. You can also place wood dishes in the aquarium as majority of these pets love to climb. For keeping hermits happy, it is necessary for you to keep the aquarium clean. Before attaining hermits as pet, it is crucial for you to understand how to clean a hermit crab aquarium first so that you do your job appropriately.

Hermit crabs are just like any other pets whose habitat should be clean from disease. Cleaning aquarium regularly will prevent any disease contacting them and harming their health. For top most health of your pet, regular cleaning is required. How to clean a hermit crab aquarium is not that hard as it seems to be, but with employing basic methods, you can fulfill this task efficiently.

You would require paying close attention to the cleanliness of the aquarium so that hermits don’t suffer from any disease. Spot if there is any straining of sand so that you can eradicate debris and waster. It is also important to keep an eye on the condition of water and food so that you can change it when required. The dishes available in the aquarium should be thoroughly cleaned whether they are water dishes or food dishes. Changing substrate once in a month is necessary or you can also change it more often as you will observe flies, insects and gnats trapped inside the corral.

When doing the cleaning job, you should make sure to exonerate all accessories primarily and ensure your crab is on safe place. You can also utilize the cleaning power of vinegar for aquarium. Don’t try using harmful chemicals or detergents as they can endanger hermits life further. It is necessary as always to rinse the aquarium thoroughly. If you have placed empty shells and toys in the aquarium, boil them so that you get rid of the contamination on them.

These are simple techniques on how to clean a hermit crabs aquarium. Don’t exaggerate in putting your hermit crab instantly in the aquarium when you are finished with cleaning.

Ensure that the humidity and temperature level of the aquarium is stable so that hermits can feel comfortable in it. When the temperature has reached the appropriate level, then place your small precious pet inside the aquarium.

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