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17-Year-Old Becomes Youngest iOS App Developer and Receives Praise from Apple CEO Tim Cook

For many tech enthusiasts worldwide, receiving an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook would be nothing short of a dream come true. Recently, that dream became a reality for a remarkable 17-year-old girl who has achieved the incredible feat of becoming the youngest iOS app developer.

Hana Muhammad Rafi, a 17-year-old Indian residing in Dubai, captured the attention and admiration of Tim Cook himself for her exceptional talent and innovation in developing an iOS app for iPhones. Hana, who sent her first letter to Tim Cook, shared the story behind her creation—a storytelling app named “Hanas,” designed to allow parents to record stories for their children.

Hana’s journey into the world of coding began at the tender age of 5, making her one of the youngest individuals globally to embark on such a path. Remarkably, she wrote nearly 300 lines of code for her app entirely on her own, without relying on any software, files, or templates—an impressive feat for someone so young.

In response to Hana’s email, Tim Cook personally congratulated her on her achievement, recognizing her talent and perseverance at such a young age. He encouraged her to continue pursuing her dreams, reassuring her that incredible things await her in the future.

The excitement of receiving an email from Tim Cook was undoubtedly a momentous occasion for Hana. As her father shared the news with her while she was still asleep, she was immediately roused from her slumber, her excitement palpable as she realized the significance of the moment.

Hana’s app, “Hanas,” features stories familiar to children, reflecting her desire to provide parents with a means to share the joy of storytelling even in today’s busy world. Her inspiration for creating the app stemmed from recognizing that not all parents have the time to engage in this cherished tradition amidst their hectic schedules.

Looking ahead, Hana harbors dreams of one day working for Tim Cook—a testament to her ambition and determination to make a mark in the tech industry. Alongside her, her 14-year-old sister Lena Fathima serves as both a mentor and a teacher, sharing Hana’s passion for coding and technology.

Together, the two sisters embody the spirit of innovation and self-driven learning, having honed their coding skills through sheer determination and inspiration from their parents. Lena’s previous project, the “Lehanas” website, aimed to educate children about words, colors, and animals, reflecting their shared goal of uplifting their community and bringing joy to others.

As Hana and Lena look to the future, their aspirations extend beyond personal achievement, with a shared vision of making a positive impact on the world around them. With their passion, talent, and unwavering determination, they are poised to inspire countless others and leave a lasting legacy in the world of technology.

In summary, Hana’s journey from aspiring coder to youngest iOS app developer serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. With the support of her family and the recognition of industry leaders like Tim Cook, she is poised to achieve even greater heights in the years to come.

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