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Apple CEO Tim Cook Rumored to Eye Manchester United Acquisition

Reports from the United Kingdom have ignited a flurry of speculation suggesting that Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed interest in acquiring Manchester United, a titan in the English Premier League.

According to the British newspaper Daily Star, executives at Apple have begun exploring the possibility of initiating discussions with the current owners of the club, Joe and Avram Glazer. The reported asking price for Manchester United stands at a staggering £8.25 billion (nearly $10 billion), with Apple allegedly willing to consider an offer as high as £5.8 billion.

If such a transaction were to materialize, it would shatter existing records in the realm of sports acquisitions. Todd Boehly’s consortium notably made waves in May of the previous year by purchasing Premier League outfit Chelsea from Russian magnate Roman Abramovich for a reported £4.25 billion ($5.2 billion). Notably, the Glazer family had acquired Manchester United back in 2005 for a fraction of its current valuation, at approximately £800 million.

However, contrary to initial reports, it appears that negotiations between Apple and financial institutions, including the Raine Group, may not be as advanced as suggested. A source close to Apple has dismissed these claims as unfounded, asserting that the notion of Apple acquiring Manchester United for an estimated $7 billion is a glaring error.

As of now, neither Manchester United nor Tim Cook has officially commented on the swirling rumors. Tim Cook, who assumed the role of Apple’s CEO following the passing of Steve Jobs in 2011, has a storied history with the tech giant, having joined the company in 1998 as senior vice president of global operations. His current net worth exceeds $1.8 billion, with holdings of approximately 3.3 million Apple shares.

Apple, boasting an impressive annual revenue of £326 billion, stands as one of the world’s leading technological powerhouses, with a market valuation surpassing £2 trillion. While the prospect of Apple acquiring Manchester United remains speculative, such a move would undoubtedly elevate the club’s financial standing, potentially positioning it among the wealthiest in the world.

Despite the rumors swirling around Manchester United, Apple’s recent forays into the realm of sports are noteworthy. Collaborative efforts with Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer underscore Apple’s burgeoning interest in the sports industry. Notably, Apple TV+ has partnered with MLB to offer weekly Friday Night Baseball programming throughout the 2022 regular season, while the upcoming MLS Season Pass service promises to deliver an immersive viewing experience to fans worldwide via the Apple TV app.

As the speculation continues to captivate enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, the possibility of Apple’s involvement in the sports arena remains an intriguing prospect, albeit one that is yet to materialize.

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