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Bring a Ferret Home

So how does it feel to make someone’s dream come true? To be able to share a gift to someone, by giving it a home? Priceless, isn’t it?

It’s a home sweet home not just for you. But also, for that tiny, domesticated brownish (or silver) animal that is a descent from a European polecat – otherwise known as the ferret. To bring home this friend, one must consider a lot of things.

The very important one of all is the place that the adorable creature will occupy. Having a new ferret is a very exciting moment to enjoy. Choosing the right cage and how to decorate it adds to the thrill of having one as a housemate. When one is planning to buy a ferret from a ferret store, he must take this as an opportunity to choose the right, perfect cage to house its pet.

The perfect cage should have enough space for it to run around in. In order not to hurt it, the cage must not have gaps in the levels. To provide more comfort to this tiny animal, soft bedding is necessary and that is why, plastic bottom cages are highly-recommended. The cage must have multiple layers as well and large doors to ensure safety. Ferrets love getting in and out so the possibility of getting stuck is high. One of its home must haves is sleeping sacks and hammocks.

To buy a ferret, a new ferret at that, would also include buying toys in your agenda. When buying them, make sure to choose the durable ones to stand against the sharp teeth of these animals. Cat toys are good to go but avoid plastic and foamed ones because they are easily destroyed.

Their food can be bought from the ferret stores, of course. It should be either high quality cat food or any food that is not processed from frozen meat. Snacks can also be served to them but make sure they are healthy food like meat and cooked eggs. Those that are high in sugar should be avoided for they will only do more harm than good to your pet.

Also, be very aware that they have this ability to produce odor. It is highly-advisable that you check with your nearest veterinarian to have them neutered and de-scented. Vaccinations and regular exams are also a big must to ensure more their health.

Now, who would have thought that caring for a sweet, little thing is such a treat? So be that big-hearted kid that you are and house a furry, fuzzy ferret now!

Cherry Xiao
Cherry Xiao
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