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Flea Removal – Effortlessly Managing Your Cat Or Dog’s Flea Treatment Control Process

Flea removal is a long and tedious process that requires you to have great amounts of patience, perseverance, love and compassion for your flea cats and dogs. And to tap on this large market, the various top brands have manufacturer countless products and flea remedies specifically designed for your pets. Easily available in the market and effortless to use, they are instant hit with pet owners everywhere. That said, conducting flea removal is not an easy process of simply applying cat or dog flea treatment and medication. You need an all encompassing step by step plan for getting rid of these dreaded parasites.

Indeed, fumigating your home, yard or even your car of these parasites can be a very tricky matter to deal with, which requires intensive home cleaning, flea and tick medicine and also preventive measures thereafter. Here are a few key pointers to help you ease your burden.

First and foremost, applying medication on the infested little animals is your first step. You could use sprays, or oral medication, depending on how well they take to the remedies. When bathing them, remember to lather thoroughly and deeply through the coat of fur into the skin where the parasites reside, taking extra care to in important areas like behind the ears, ankles and joints. The dreaded parasites will wash off with the lather and water. After thoroughly drying, you should use a flea comb to remove the remnants. This is only temporary relief as these little bloodsuckers multiply at breakneck speed, which can literally cause yet another infestation within a week, what with producing an incessant 50 eggs per day.

You should simultaneously conduct thorough home cleaning and thereafter, adhering to a strict regular regime. The first place to begin is also the most ignored spot of your home, that is, the yard. Start with cleaning out unwanted dog houses and accessories as well as anything that the little animals will love to play around with. And of course, if you could erect a high fence surrounding your home, you would literally have succeeded half the process in your endeavor to keep out the parasites. The fence serves to prevent strays from infesting your yard, and home.

Thorough vacuuming should not only include your flooring, but also all furniture, upholstery, draperies as well as couches. The key reason why so many people keep facing re infestation is the simple fact that they do not get rid of their vacuum bags thorough. Put them in air tight bags after cleaning and dispose of them immediately after use. Best is if you could burn the bag for good. Wash all bedding belonging to your pet and also give the couch covers a good wash. Use lemon juice as well as detergent in your cleaning water and spread borax acid to around common areas that you sense their presence. Give your car a good clean out every weekend to prevent external infestation to infect the home.

Here is a few parting pointers to further help you manage your flea removal process. If you use sprays, ensure that you do not accidentally spray on to your pet as the can be toxic to animals, especially those with weak immune systems. And be persistent with your flea remedies, spray every three weeks to uproot the parasite life cycle by killing the eggs and larvae as well as the full grown ones. And if you should be using concentrated spray, especially with pyrethrins, ensure that you keep your cats out of the way as the chemical have been known to cause seizures and death in cats. And understand that you should never use dog flea treatment on cats, unless otherwise indicated in the instructions, as they will react very differently to the treatment.

Remember that no amount of flea and tick medicine can help your pet recover from infestation if you are not persistent in your cleaning regime as well as care in keeping out neighbourhood flea cats and dogs.

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