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How to Tell If He Isn’t Just Looking for Friendship! Sure-Fire Ways to Read His Mind Immediately

There are times when a good guy friend wants to take your relationship to the next level. You might have a gut feel about this but want to invest carefully when it comes to your emotions. If you want to tell if he wants more than friendship then here are the signals that you need to look out for.

How often does he call you

Your guy friends will of course call you. But if this guy is calling you more often and his reasons for calling are quite lame you should know that he’s calling just to hear your voice. In that case he wants to be more than just friends

He goes that extra mile

If he is just a friend then you won’t find him doing special things for you just to make you happy. You’ll find that he will try to drop you or pick you up even if it’s not easy for him; he’ll twist his schedule so that you can meet etc. If he goes out of the way to do things for you then he definitely wants to be in your good books and likes you more than a friend.

He looks for ways to spend more time with you

When a friend starts to look for ways to spend as much time as possible together then he wants a little more than friendship. You will also find that he will try to make avenues to spend time with you outside of your group of friends.

He notices the minor details

If he likes you and wants more than friendship you will find him noticing the small details about you. He will notice your new haircut or new outfit. He will find out about dates that are important to you and be there for you. All the time he will make you feel like he genuinely cares about you.

Do you catch him staring at you

If you catch him looking at you more than once and find him averting you as soon as you notice this, you should know that he is looking for more than friendship. It’s one of the reflexes that he will not be able to control.

Does he always consider your wishes

You will see that he will always consider your wishes before he does something. You will find him going to theatres and ballets with you even if sports are what he is interested in.

Does he want to know all about you

He will also take a lot of interest in getting to know you better and his gifts will be influenced with this information. If he knows what your favorite color and favorite flowers is and gets you your favorite flowers in your favorite color then he definitely wants you to know that he likes you more than a friend.

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