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Long-distance relationships

No one can really predict when the love bug will bite between two people. Sometimes it will happen in less than perfect circumstances, such as when the couple live in different places and only get to see one another on weekends, vacations or holidays.

The hard truth is that long distance relationships can put stress on a couple that yearns to be closer together. However, this is not always the case. For many couples, being apart makes being together more spicy and intense when they connect, and the anticipation can be something to look forward to.

Long distance romances tend to be short in duration if it is too hard on the couple to handle. In other circumstances, one part of the couple may choose to move in order to be with that special person.

Many couples in these relationships will find ways to make time to see one another on the weekends if they aren’t too far from each other.

This is not always a good option for long distance lovers, especially if they are too far for weekends and have do depend on holidays and vacations to see each other. The opportunities are few and far between, and they make the most of them.

Air travel is the key to the endurance of many long-distance relationships, and using frequent flyer miles and other perks to earn tickets will help couples visit as often as possible under their circumstances.

For the times when travel is not really practical or an option, there are basic ways of keeping in touch, such as phone, email, webcam and texting.

Long distance relationships can be a challenge for those couples who catch themselves desiring to see one another face to face more often but are limited by distance and cost.

On the other hand, there are some couples that think distance is helping their relationship. They can use their time away to focus on work and life so when they are together they can give their undivided attention.

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